Partner Yoga – Deepen Your Stretch

$49 | Saturday 5/13/17 | 12-2pm | with Amanda Hills & Edwin Prado (Yoga)

Have you ever wanted to get a deeper stretch but felt you needed a partner to do so? Sometimes a little “push” from a partner is all you need! Amanda Hills and Edwin Prado will guide students through an hour Vinyasa Flow (one breathe, one movement) to warm the muscles, loosen the joints, and prepare the body for maximum stretch. Once warm, you will learn several partner yoga postures and explore how to properly align each posture. We will also discuss the benefits, modifications, and advanced options to each posture. Partner or No Partner. Come join the fun! Bring mom, the hubby, or a friend!


Why the Order is the Order

$299 | Friday 5/19/17 | 1pm – 7pm | with Saul Choza (Continuing Education)

We are excited to welcome Saul Choza, Mari Winsor’s right hand man, to Pilates of Palm Beach. Saul’s career in Pilates began accidentally. A struggling dancer in search of improving his classical technique, Saul met and began training with Mari Winsor, Hollywood’s premiere Pilates Instructor. Thus began a two-decade relationship, with Saul taking on a role as a Winsor Senior Instructor and appearing in numerous Winsor fitness videos. In 2016, their longstanding friendship resulted in Saul taking over the business with the launch of Winsor Choza Pilates, a boutique Pilates studio in Hollywood, CA, where he is continuing Mari’s legacy.


This 6 hour workshop is an in-depth look at Joseph Pilates’ original work; looking at the through-line of the beginner, intermediate, and advanced reformer and mat order as set by Romana.

Step 1: An exploration into pre-pilates leading into
beginner mat work. We will start with beginner reformer and end with closing exercises.
Step 2: Discuss what exercises are added into the intermediate workout and why. Students will experience intermediate mat and reformer.
Step 3: Discuss what exercises are added into the advanced workout and why. Students will experience advanced mat and reformer.

A post workout discussion concludes the day.


Shoulder & Hip Joint – The Other Powerhouses

$299 | Saturday 5/20/17 | 1pm – 7pm | with Saul Choza (Continuing Education)


In this workshop, students will learn that hip joints not only serve as base joints for the attachment of the lower extremities, but they are also basilar joints for the pelvis which is the foundation of the spine. A well balanced hip-joint hosts a neutral pelvis which is a vital structure for a healthy spine.

We will discuss: overdeveloped gluteus, hip-flexors, and hamstrings, and the effects on the spine. Students will also learn the proper muscle activation for the “wrap,” and why the cue to “squeeze the butt” does not allow freedom of the pelvis which is very important in many of the Pilates exercises.

During the second part of the workshop, participants will learn the importance of mobility of the scapula, as well as exercises that help stretch and strengthen muscles in the shoulder complex. The cue “shoulders down,” creates too much simplicity of the complex workings of the shoulder joint. One will learn how to look at this structure as a three dimensional object. Students will discover that when creating a balanced muscle structure in the joint, especially in exercises with point of contact in the hands, will facilitate the connection of your “powerhouse.”


Yoga Acoustics™ Workshop

$69 | Saturday 6/03/17 | 1pm – 2:30pm | 3pm-4:30pm | with Christine Festa (Yoga)

Yoga Acoustics™ is a vibrational yoga experience. Imagine practicing yoga on a hand-crafted wooden board that is slightly larger than a yoga mat. The board is vibrating to frequency-infused music while you move. You have complete control over the amount of vibration you desire. By the time your practice is over, you feel calm and grounded. You feel as if you’ve had a massage therapy session and a yoga class at the same time.

Vibration & Sound Therapy:

– Improves flexibility, mobility & balance

– Promotes bone & muscle health

– Stimulates circulatory & lymph systems

– Feels damn good!