Pilates of Palm Beach is excited to partner with Registered Dietitian, Susan Peacock, to offer you a tried & true weight loss plan designed to help you lose 2-3 pounds per week in combination with a regular Pilates practice. The Pilates of Palm Beach Weight Loss plan is not a fad “diet.” It is a simple eating plan that is designed to fit into your lifestyle.


  • EAT Real Food!
  • NEVER Feel Hungry!
  • ENJOY Clean Cooking!
  • EAT Out at Restaurants!
  • NO Prepackaged Meals!
  • EAT Without Guilt!
  • GET Creative with Food!
  • ENJOY Your Life!

Coupled with one-on-one, nutrition and weight loss coaching sessions, you will learn how to eat real foods, read nutrition labels, navigate the grocery store, order healthy foods at restaurants, prepare proper serving sizes, curb cravings, and fuel your body with nutrient dense food. The best part is, you will lose weight without feeling deprived.

Programs Offered:

7 Day Detox: In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn how to Detox and Cleanse Your Body safely and effectively in only 7 days. You will receive a step-by-step guide which includes Easy Meal and Anti-Oxidant Shake Recipes designed to energize your body and flush-out toxins. Sat, Feb 25th, 12-3pm
– Jump Start your Metabolism
– Burn Fat & Lose Weight
– Heal your Body
– Decrease Inflammation
– Reduce Cravings
– Boost your Immune System
– Clear your Complexion
– Restore your Hair & Nails

3 or 6 Month Private Coaching: This program is designed with your personal well-being in mind.  You will receive a personalized menu plan catered to your individual needs and desires. With weekly coaching sessions and weigh-ins, you will stay motivated, be held accountable, and reach your GOAL!

*Must Sign Waiver. Eligibility for the Plans is dependent on medical history. Written approval from a physician may be required for certain medical conditions prior to starting the plan. Results of 2-3 pounds per week are achieved when used in combination with a regular Pilates routine (2-3 sessions per week) plus three, 30 min cardio sessions per week and are not guaranteed*

Beverly Blanchette

Florencia Rodriguez

Stefany Allongo

Kim Esposito

Shortly after turning 50 I realized the good old days when I could diet for a few days and drop an easy ten pounds were over. My metabolism had slowed down, and my body was changing. I was eating less, passing on great desserts, but I was still gaining weight. I knew that I had to make immediate changes and break out of the trap that I was in, so I called and spoke with Erin at Pilates of Palm Beach. Through Erin’s program, guidance and inspiration, I lost more than 20 pounds and 12 inches in less than three months. The menu plan was easy to follow, and I was never hungry. And I could continue to eat out; which I do frequently. The menu plan is easy to follow, and it has become second nature to me. Pilates has increased my flexibility, core strength, muscle tone and has reshaped my entire body. The instruction that I have received is one of a very high level. Erin and all the instructors at Pilates of Palm Beach are patient, caring and knowledgeable. They ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly and encourage you to challenge yourself. I strongly recommend Pilates of Palm Beach to anyone who is considering a Pilates program.

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