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Conveniently located south of Gateway BLVD on Congress Avenue in front of the Boynton Beach Mall.

Pilates Mat classes

The Pilates Mat exercises are the foundation to the Pilates method, and they are a great way to challenge your muscles while using your own body weight as resistance. Pilates Mat Classes incorporate the Magic Circle, Resistance Bands, Hand Weights, Foam Rollers, & Stability Balls. Pilates Mat classes are Open Level, and beginner modifications & advanced variations are given for each exercise so that every client is challenged regardless of level.

55min. Max 12 participants. Open Level. $10 – $20 Depending on Package.


Pilates apparatus classes

Pilates Apparatus Classes include the reformer, tower, chair, & jumpboard. Each class will also incorporate an element of mat work. With more than 500 exercises in the classical Pilates system from which to choose, each class provides variety guaranteeing that you will never get bored. Staying true to the classical Pilates system, you will practice a series of precise, controlled exercises designed to strengthen & lengthen your muscles.

Prerequisite: 3 Private Sessions

55min. Max 4-6 participants. Level Specific. $20 – $35 Depending on Package.



A one-on-one session with you and one instructor. You will utilize Pilates Apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Chair, & Barrels), and each session will also incorporate mat work. Private Sessions are highly recommended for beginners, clients suffering or recovering from injuries, pregnant clients, and people who like to have 100% of an instructor’s attention. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the movement and language of Pilates. Private Sessions also allow the instructor to personalize the workout according to your individual needs. Our standard session is 55 minutes, but we also offer 30 minute sessions for clients with special needs. $60 – $100 Depending on Package.


Semi-private sessions

A 55 minute session with you and a partner (duet or trio). Similar to a Private Session, you will utilize the Pilates Apparatus (reformer, tower, mat, chair, & jumpboard). Semi-Private Sessions are an excellent way to experience the personalization of a Private Session while training with a friend or spouse. To qualify for Semi-Private Sessions, you and your partner will each need to take 3 Private Sessions prior to starting Semi-Private Sessions. It is best for both partners to be at similar levels. $40 – $65 Depending on Package.


in-home sessions

In-Home sessions are a great way for you to reap the benefits of Pilates from the convenience of your own home or office. This 55 minute, mat-based workout is specifically designed with your individual needs in mind and will incorporate the use of props (Magic Circle, Resistance Bands, Hand Weights, Foam Rollers, & Stability Balls). In-Home sessions can also be scheduled for small groups in community centers, clubhouses, or workplaces. $75 Р$100 Depending on Package.

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3 Private Sessions = $180

3 Mat/Yoga Classes = $45


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1 month = $350


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Our Advice

It is recommended to practice Pilates at a studio that is owned and operated by Certified Pilates Instructors. This ensures that you are receiving the highest quality of Pilates education. It also ensures that your Pilates sessions are safe and beneficial. For more information regarding the qualifications of our instructors, please click here.

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Did You Know

PILATES OF PALM BEACH OFFERS A structured weight loss program?

Pilates of Palm Beach offers a structured weight loss plan to our clients. The Pilates Weight Loss plan is designed to help you lose 2-3 pounds per week in combination with a consistent Pilates practice.