Benefits of Mat Pilates

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Benefits of Mat Pilates

It can be easy to assume that Pilates is just another fitness fad or be convinced that you must use expensive Pilates apparatus to receive the full benefits. But this isn’t the case. Today’s post is all about the benefits of mat Pilates — that’s right, no apparatus required! — so you can make better decisions about what healthy exercise is right for you.

Mat Pilates Doesn’t Require Expensive Equipment.

Fitness equipment can be exceptionally pricey, and the traditional Pilates apparatus is no different. Depending on the brand and piece, Pilates apparatus can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Plus, it will require a dedicated space in your home.

On the other hand, a Pilates mat is extremely affordable. In fact, even high end mats for personal use tend to cost $50 or less. Plus, mats are compact, once rolled up, and easy to store. Even better, you can take your mat with you pretty much anywhere, and that means you can do your Pilates workout anywhere, too. No excuse to skip your workout!


Taking Mat Pilates Classes Is Less Expensive.

We all know that the safest and most effective way to practice Pilates is at a Pilates studio in a group class or private setting. Depending on the studio, the instructors’ certifications, and class size, a Pilates apparatus class can cost at least twice as much as a mat Pilates class. Of course, this isn’t to say that you should never use the apparatus. Pilates apparatus classes definitely have their place in your workout by providing a different level of challenge, but if you’re in a position where every penny counts, choosing Mat Pilates can make all the difference.

Less is More in Pilates

Mat Pilates teaches you how to control your muscles, and at its truest form, can be the most challenging class you take at a Pilates studio. Tapping into the foundation that a mat Pilates class provides, you can ensure that your workout will really improve your strength, stability, stretch, and stamina. At our studio, and according to the Classical Pilates Method, mat Pilates exercises are the most difficult. For this reason, we recommend beginners, or anyone with injuries or disabilities, start on the Pilates Apparatus. The goal of the apparatus is to support the body to help gain strength; as you become stronger, the apparatus becomes smaller and smaller until, eventually, there is no apparatus at all – just the mat.

Mat Pilates Offer Serious Physical Benefits

Many fitness regimens promise results, whether you’re looking for flexibility, endurance, or muscle tone. The effectiveness of mat Pilates has been extensively studied, and research strongly supports receiving amazing results. Improved flexibility in the back, hamstrings, and upper body, as well as improved dynamic balance and muscle endurance, have been recognized by a number of studies. Other studies suggest that Pilates improves psychological well-being and life perspective. A Stronger Body = A Stronger Mind.
These are just a few of the great reasons to start practicing mat Pilates. Whether you’re taking one of our classes or taking your mat on the go, these exercises offer a better body and mind.

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