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Pilate of Palm Beach

Pilates of Palm Beach

A Classical Pilates Studio

What does “Classical Pilates” mean? Classical Pilates attempts to be as close to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates as possible.

Our Classical Pilates instructors teach Pilates exercises according to archival photographs, videos, and writings of Joseph Pilates or from verification by The Elders (the people who were the original students of Joseph Pilates). Our Classical Pilates instructors also adhere to the original order of exercises in a very systematic manner to appropriately warm-up and progress the body.

Classical Pilates is the safest, purest form of The Method.

Your Pilates Experience

We welcome members of ALL ages & levels and can customize a training program specifically for you! With Private and Small Group Classes (max 8 per class), health conscious Boynton Beachers can find a Pilates routine right for them!

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Boynton Beach Pilates

Welcome to Pilates of Palm Beach!

We are proud to be Boynton Beach’s ORIGINAL Pilates & Yoga studio (est 2009) offering both Classical Pilates and Yoga instruction under one roof!  We believe that Pilates & Yoga compliment each other perfectly and should be practiced simultaneously to maximize results.

Pilates = Strength & Stability          Yoga = Stretch & Stress Relief

We welcome members of ALL ages & levels and can customize a training program specifically for you! With Private and Small Group Classes (max 8 per class), health conscious Boynton Beachers can find a Pilates & Yoga routine right for them!
Call for details or contact us via the web.


Pilates of Palm Beach
  • Reformer/Tower Combo Units

  • Studio Reformer

  • Cadillac

  • High Chair

  • Wunda Chair

  • Ladder Barrel

  • Small Barrel

  • Ped-o-Pull

  • Spine Corrector

  • Jumpboards

  • Foam Rollers & Blocks

  • Stability Balls

  • Magic Circles

  • Hand Weights

  • Thera-Bands

  • Cervical Pillows

  • Pregnancy Wedge

  • …and more.

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Honestly, I hate working out, but I love Pilates & Pilates of Palm Beach! If you have never tried it, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed. You will see your body transform right before your very eyes in a matter of just a few sessions. I live in West Palm Beach, and I drive 30 minutes each way, 3 times a week, just to go to this studio. There are many studios closer to my house, but none as wonderful as Pilates of Palm Beach. The studio is clean, the staff is amazing, and the location is very central from just about anywhere. Hope to see you there
In December 2009, I received a post card in the mail inviting me to a free class at Pilates of Palm Beach on opening day, January 2, 2010. Well, here I am, to this day, totally addicted to Pilates! All of the instructors are very knowledgeable, professional, energizing, and friendly. I look forward to every class. I have worked out most of my life, and I don’t ever remember looking forward to working out. Since introducing Pilates to my work out, I feel better mentally and physically. I suffer from Fybromyalgia, and before I joined Pilates of Palm Beach, there were days that I could barley move. Pilates has strengthened not only my core muscles, but it has strengthened my entire body. The flexibility I have acquired from Pilates is incredible. No other workout I have ever done at the gym has made my body feel this way. If you are looking to get in shape physically and mentally, and you would like to have fun while doing it, I would strongly suggest joining Pilates of Palm Beach.
Sharon Pazolt
Shortly after turning 50, I realized the “good old days,” when I could diet for a week and drop an easy ten pounds, were over. My metabolism had slowed down, and my body was changing. I was eating less and passing on great desserts, but I was still gaining weight. I knew that I had to make immediate changes and break out of the menopausal trap, so I called and spoke with Erin at Pilates of Palm Beach. Through Erin’s Weight Loss Coaching program, guidance, and inspiration, I lost more than 20 pounds and 12 inches in less than three months. Pilates has increased my flexibility, core strength, and muscle tone, and it has reshaped my entire body. The instruction that I have received is one of a very high level. Erin and all the instructors at Pilates of Palm Beach are patient, caring, and knowledgeable. They ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly and encourage you to challenge yourself. I strongly recommend Pilates of Palm Beach to anyone who is considering a Pilates program.
Kim Esposito
This was the best Groupon I have ever purchased! I thought I would only do the 3 sessions in my Groupon voucher, but I quickly became addicted and have been going 3-4 times a week. The studio is awesome, and I cannot say enough about the instructors. I have worked with nearly each instructor, and I am amazed on a regular basis with their level of expertise. They provide a safe and happy environment and make it easy to learn every exercise. They have even helped my back pain more than any chiropractor ever has! I am really grateful to have found them and plan to continue with Pilates forever. I have even started taking my mother, and she loves it too! Thank you, Pilates of Palm Beach!
Janine Galanti
This is the best Pilates studio I have found. All of the instructors are certified in Power Pilates, which follows Joseph Pilates’ original exercises. Not only do I get a great workout in every class, but the camaraderie among the class participants makes it a lot of fun as well. I started as someone who worked out “now and then” and never really enjoyed exercise. Now I have become a total fitness addict. This speaks wonders for Pilates and Pilates of Palm Beach. Try it, if you haven’t yet. I am betting you will love it. I take classes several times a week, and I honestly can’t imagine missing a class.Erin is a great instructor herself and only hires first-rate instructors. The studio is professional, super clean and inviting, and everyone will know your name after your first class.
Cynthia Makris
I cannot stress more the great empowerment that Pilates can bring to your life, and I’ve found that Pilates of Palm Beach is by far the best studio to help bring you this empowerment. The knowledgeable, friendly instructors push you to get the most out of your workout while ensuring your safety and wellbeing. I started taking classes at the studio through a Groupon that I purchased, and I quickly fell in love with Pilates; it has definitely transformed my life! I attribute much of my love for Pilates to Erin and the rest of her instructors as they are always encouraging and make you feel very comfortable. I recommend that anyone interested in trying Pilates visits this studio!
Jessica Underwood
Pilates of Palm Beach really helped change my life. The instructors are top notch as is the equipment and the environment. I have several health issues which have all improved since starting Pilates and learning more about my body and its needs. The studio’s clients come in all shapes and sizes, and you will feel welcomed quickly. I now look forward to working out versus dreading it like I did at a “regular” gym. I highly recommend Pilates of Palm Beach to anyone who really wants to make a change in their life.
Joan Oliva
I’m a long time client of Pilates of Palm Beach, and I think the world of Erin and her staff. They are professional, upbeat, and very knowledgeable. You will receive a great workout, whatever your skill level, and you will walk out feeling good about yourself. I highly recommend this studio to anyone; especially those who need more than what a regular gym can offer.
Yvette Rysak
For the last two years I have incorporated Pilates into my physical fitness routine, and it has changed my life. My balance, core strength, flexibility, and weight have improved tremendously. I have all but eliminated the chronic back pain that sit ups, diet, and a chiropractor could not solve. I have been attending Pilates of Palm Beach at least twice a week, and I have marveled at the fact that the only constant routine is the arrival of the loyal and happy participants. Unlike other instructors, Pilates of Palm Beach instructors change up the exercises, so every class is challenging and engaging. The equipment and the atmosphere are contemporary and clean, and Pilates of Palm Beach maintains open scheduling; therefore, with enough planning any class is available. If I have been at all unclear, I strongly recommend Pilates of Palm Beach
Adam S.


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