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Welcome to Pilates of Palm Beach!
We’re located in Boynton Beach providing high quality, classical Pilates instruction for all ages and fitness levels.

Since 2009, our talented team of Pilates trainers has helped thousands of Pilates enthusiasts. Our Pilates trainers are Power Pilates Certified which means they have completed a rigorous training program with an unrelenting emphasis on the classical Pilates method. This makes us unique and allows us to deliver you the safest and most correct Pilates experience. With private training and group Pilates classes, health conscious Boynton Beachers can find a Pilates routine right for their body and budget!


We are proud to be the Regional Training Center for Power Pilates in Florida. Aspiring Pilates instructors come to us to get certified!

Teacher Training Programs starting SOON! Call for details.

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It is recommended to practice Pilates at a studio that is owned and operated by Certified Pilates Instructors. This ensures that you are receiving the highest quality of Pilates education. It also ensures that your Pilates sessions are safe and beneficial. For more information regarding the qualifications of our instructors, please click here.

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Did You Know

PILATES OF PALM BEACH OFFERS A structured weight loss program?

Pilates of Palm Beach offers a structured weight loss plan to our clients. The Pilates Weight Loss plan is designed to help you lose 2-3 pounds per week in combination with a consistent Pilates practice.